Liquid, milky jelly and other Items

A small amount of transportation of (Case Assessment required).

Medical Related Devices and Items

Any Department of Health as a medical-control products, such as lubricants, SPA machine, OK stretched, body fat machine, blood glucose meter, blood pressure machine, the human body beauty and physical therapy will be contact with the body of


Arsenic, amphetamines, morphine, cannabis and its preparations, poppy seeds, coca seeds, marijuana seeds.


Fruits and vegetables, meat, fresh food, pet food, meat, frozen foods, canned.


Expensive watches, jewelry, and other precious antiques.


Mercury (sphygmomanometer or thermometer), sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, organic solvents, pesticides and insecticides.

Firearms, ammunition and Knife

The statute of limitations with dangerous weapons of mass destruction, guns and ammunition, knives and so on.

Drugs and Anesthetics

Arsenic, amphetamines, morphine, cannabis and its preparations, poppy seeds, coca seeds, marijuana seeds.

Animals and plants

Pets, seeds, flowers and specimens.

Wax (WAX) ingredients Items

Candles, wax blocks, crayons, car wax.

Radioactive Substances

X-ray machines and other equipment ą, β, γ-rays and neutrons of goods and metals.

Powdered Goods

Milk powder, coffee powder, powder and the like

Battery type

Batteries, alkaline batteries, lithium batteries, nickel batteries, mobile power supplies.


Anything containing medicinal properties, such as melatonin, diet pills, medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, antiperspirants, deodorants, hair tonic (such as Rogaine)

Inflammable and explosive items

Nail polish, oil, paint, camphor oil, matches, lighters, detonators, firecrackers, gasoline, diesel, kerosene, alcohol, asbestos, vaporization lights.

Money & Valuable Items

States coins, securities, bank bills, checks, stock certificates and the like.

Fragile Items

Glass, ceramics, mirrors, light fixtures. ※ special situation, please contact customer service.


Any violation of the laws banned the import of goods, such as infringement of intellectual property goods, commodities impede weathering.

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